Crocheted Items


My Scrubbies are made from tulle, so they are soft enough for your face or feet, but strong enough for your dishes. I have had people use them to remove soap scum from their bathtubs or bugs from their vehicles or exfoliating their face. There are so many uses for them, the ideas are endless. I would suggest having more than one. They can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, just put it over one of the pegs or they can be washed in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, then let them dry. Scrubbies vary in size - 3" - 3 1/2" across, it depends on how wide the tulle is cut. The singles are shown in the picture.      $1.50 ea plus shipping.

Doubles are made with 2 strands of different colored tulle. This makes them a little stronger and sturdier, not quite as soft.
$2.50 ea. plus shipping.
The tulle I use is ordered in and made in the USA.

I also have started making a larger square Scrubbie.  This is approx 5 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches. It is perfect for your car or anytime you need a larger scrubbing area.
4.50 ea plus shipping.

Popsicle Cozies

These little gems are my grandkids favorite! Perfect to keep those lil' hands from freezing! Wonderful for those freeze-pops that you can have available for summer visits, (which mine look for them during the winter also.) They are made from cotton thread and can be thrown in the washer and dryer. They can also be used as a potholder for skillet handles.   
$1.50 ea plus shipping.


These cloths are made from cotton thread and are very absorbent. They range in sizes from 6x7 inches to 9 inch square. Some are ribbed, granny square or just solid. Variety of colors available.
$2.50 ea plus shipping

Swiffer Covers

These are made from 100% cotton. They are approx 4 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long with 2 1/2 slip on ends.  These pick up great and can be thrown in your washer and dryer to clean.  I have been using one for several years.  You will never have to purchase covers again.
$5.00 plus shipping


I can make just about any hat you are wanting. Below are the ones I have in stock. Most hats I make as ordered. If there is something you want just let me know.

Perfect for the lil diva in your family, or as a prop for a photographer.  This one will fit up to a 17 inch head. It is made from 100% acrylic worsted yarn. It is machine wash gentle and tumble dry low. The color of this one is shocking pink and white. Available to order your color and size. This one is infant size and is  $10.00 plus shipping. Larger sizes would be $12 or $14 depending.

Who doesn't love a Minion?  I have made lots of these cute hats, each is different, has a personality of it's own. Some have two eyes, some have their tongue sticking out or perhaps their teeth showing. This one will fit a toddler and is $15.00 plus shipping.  If they have the tongue sticking out or teeth they are $20.00.

The owl hats are good sellers also.  They can be made in whatever color you are needing. The cute little owl is soft and will fit a young child.  it is $15.00 plus shipping.  The purple one is made from bulky yarn and would be very warm. It will fit a teen or adult. $20.00 plus shipping.

Shoes and Booties

This is cute pair of boots I put together, reminded me of muck boots.  The bottom is approx 3 1/2 inches long.  Needs to be washed by hand and air dried.  $12.00 plus shipping.

ARKANSAS - These would be perfect for a fall ball game. I have 2 pair in stock. The sole measures 4 inches long and are 3 - 6 month old size. I will take orders, perhaps school colors. Other sizes and colors are available - just ask!   Plain cowboy boots are available also!
$20.00 per pair plus shipping.

These are perfect for the Rodeo Family. Check out the little spurs!  This was a special order and would love to do another pair. Other colors are available! Different sizes are available also, this was a 9mo size.
$25.00 plus shipping

Mary Janes - The soles measure 3 1/2 inches and are a size 0-3 months. Will take orders on this item. Available in other colors.
$15.00 per pair plus shipping.


Will you have a special little Santa in your family this year? Or perhaps you are a photographer - this would be a great photo prop for the newborn. The Santa cap is approx 14 inches in diameter and is newborn size. The diaper cover is also newborn but can be adjusted.  
$18.00 per set plus shipping.

32 inch square afghan. Perfect for a baby's room or comfortable for a pallet in the floor. Made from 100% cotton yarn. Wash on cool setting on delicate cycle. Tumble dry, low heat on delicate. Baby will love these bright colors!
$35.00 plus shipping

To Order: Leave a comment or email me at with your contact information and what you would like to order. I will then send you an invoice for items.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!  Thanks!